The first batch is on the boat!

The first batch is on the boat!

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That’s right we have chairs on their way to us in the UK! I know it seems like it’s taken an age (I certainly feel about ten years older…) but it’s a real landmark to finally have some consumer-ready chairs on their way. This is a small batch of 150 and they were sent to the port a week ago. Since then we’ve cleared the decks at our production line, had many discussions over improving production and quality-checking processes, updated work instructions, etc, etc. We are now continuing with the follow-on production.

Apologies, for the delay in this update but producing the first chairs and updating all our processes as a result of what we learned has required a lot of focus. We’ve also had a successful fundraise and trip to Ergo Expo in Las Vegas. Here are some pics and more details on delivery below.



The production line




The production line and production processes are great. Everyone’s put in a huge amount of work. It’s one hell of a complicated process and of upmost importance to get all this right, and unfortunately it takes more time than any of us would like. We shipped 150, and have commenced on the next 500 and then the next 1000. Each time we hope to refine our processes so that we can be less hands on with independent quality checks when we’re producing in high volume. So far each chair has been checked by our quality control guy Jus. Unfortunately he’s back in the UK with his family over Christmas and so he won’t be able to go through the second batch until January the 17th. Bit of a bummer, but not a lot we can do as we want all chairs checked for the time being. Hopefully, he’ll also be able to follow on with the final 1000 and we hope he’ll only have to check one in ten in the final batch of the KS delivery.

I know it’s taking time and I am the most frustrated of anyone. Rest assured we are all doing our best to get you the best possible product as quickly as possible. The first of you should receive chairs by the end of January, the last in February/March. We’re waiting on the new casters for soft floors from Germany and have to wait for them to ship.

I’ll be in touch with each of you when your chair is on its way.

Many, many thanks for your support and patience.

Best regards, Simon