Production update

Production update

1 year ago 2

Hey everyone,

Over the last few weeks we’ve been focused on dealing with some production and testing issues to mean we can get your chairs out to you and the first batches are finally arriving at our warehouses in the UK and US.

Being new to the whole experience, it’s been the most incredible last 2 years and a steep learning curve to say the least! I now know what a huge task and how expensive it is to put anything into mass production let alone making something that is this complicated and innovative.

The first batch of chairs have now arrived in the UK, and I will inspect them all at the warehouse. Another two further shipments to the UK and two to the US have left China and are ‘on the water’, expected to arrive on, or close to the 17th March – they need a week to 10 days to clear customs, a final inspection, and will then be prepared for dispatch.

Due to production capacities, the Chinese New Year holiday and the need to produce commercial chairs alongside our Kickstarter ones (we also have to run as a business like all commercial KS projects) then not all the Kickstarter products have been manufactured and dispatched yet.

The first KS products will, however be dispatched during April, as per above timings and the rest will follow as soon as is conceivably possible. I am talking to the factory every day.

No one has a greater desire than me to get you a wonderful FreedMan Chair that you’ll love. What we are trying to achieve is re-inventing how we all sit and replicating peoples standing posture when they are sitting. This is a revolution and sometimes revolutions take longer to effect than you hope for…

Thank you again for your patience and support. Thank you for sticking with the project and I, the rest of the Company, our engineers, factory and my equity backers who have invested over £1.2m (in addition to our Kickstarter fundraise) to bring the product to you all are working as hard as we can.

Heart and soul, blood sweat and tears…

Very best regards, Simon