Production begins!
View from my hotel

Production begins!

2 years ago 1

Hey everybody

I just arrived to oversee the production of your chairs. Here’s the view from my hotel.

I’ll be here for 12 days working on every component and every stage of the assembly-they have to be right (yes, I am a touch OCD, didn’t you know?). Geson, our project manager is such a nice guy. His wife is a nurse and they have a 4 year-old daughter. I was thinking I’d bring his daughter something tasteful, wooden etc and the Mrs said “b@&%cks, I’ll go to the Disney shop and buy the fairy outfit that every 4 year old wants…” Obviously, she’s right and I’m sure it’ll go down well…

Anyway, to be honest I wasn’t all that happy to be away from home for two weeks, but now I’m here I’m very, very excited! It’s going to be fantastic seeing so many chairs and I guess I really needed to be here at such a pivotal point in this incredible journey, to see it through to the end.

This is it guys! It’s really happening! I’m sure that they’ll be trials and tribulations over the next 12 days, but between our guys over here and with Dean coming out on the weekend nothing can stop us. I’ll do my best with pics and updates over the next several days.

Best regards and so much appreciation for your support. Simon