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I admire Simon’s tenacity, energy and commitment to design a work chair with an optimal seating posture.
I am confident the FreedMan Chair will achieve great things.
– Zeev Aram –

September 2014
Buildings magazine – Editors’ choice

Buildings magazine did a feature in September called ‘Product Innovations 2014′ and we were so thrilled to be given the Editors’ choice award. In their own words, ‘the FreedMan Chair made our team stop and say “Wow, I want one of those!”‘. Praise indeed…

Buildings magazine - Sept 2014
MMQB magazine - the freedman chair

July 2014
MMQB – The business of furniture

After the roaring success of our stand at NeoCon in Chicago, we were given a 6 page feature in MMQB magazine. The publication is distributed in both print and online as provides strategic business information to the leaders of the commercial furnishings business across the United States, and is the leading source of insider perspective on workplace design and construction.

July 2014
Office Insight magazine – NeoCon 2014 – Selected works

We were featured in the US Office Insight magazine, following our appearance at NeoCon in Chicago earlier in the year. Robert Allen wrote:

“Every year, there are one or two novelty products or companies that show up at NeoCon that create a stir and don’t fall neatly into anyone’s package. This year, directly outside the press room, one stand was always bustling with visitors…”

For us to get 2 whole pages in such a prestigious industry magazine was a real coup.

Office insights magazine
Men's Health, April 2014

April 2014
Men’s Health magazine – The chair that’s got your back

Men’s Health magazine featured us in April, with an x-ray style image and a write-up about the benefits of a good posture. Sean Curry, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, is quoted in the article as saying;

“Too much time with your lower back flexed waeakens the back muscles, which can lead to injury.”

February 2014
T3 magazine – Office Saviours

We were featured in a great article in T3 magazine in February, title Office Saviours. The article featured us alongside the Stir Kinect Smart Desk, and basically just highlights all the things we have been saying all along – that sitting for prolonged periods is bad for your health and the FreedMan Chair is here to help with that problem. The image they used is of our older Mark III model though. Mark IV images have been shot and will be out there very soon.

In tandem with this article T3 also featured us on their website in an article titled ‘Best ergonomic chairs for your office’. You can see this article on the T3 website here.

T3, Feb Issue, Radar Innovation article
GQ Freedman Chair article

January 2014
GQ magazine – 100 Best things in the world right now!

The fairly major magazine for men’s style, GQ (The Gentleman’s Quarterly) featured us in their January 2014 issue in an article titled ‘100 best things in the world right now!’, alongside everything from hot new actors, rare spirits, beautiful sports cars and designer watches.

We were positioned at number 64, (although it wasn’t numbered in order of importance), along with a great photo. They’ve also featured us online on the GQ website.

November 2013
Shortlist magazine – Walking on chair

The freely distributed Shortlist magazine featured us in their Exec Tech column, where they pick the best 5 products each month that are new on the horizon. The article highlighted the fact that 90% of us have one leg shorter than the other, causing a tipped pelvis. The FreedMan chair is the first chair to take this into account, in the design of the split seat pads.

Shortlist, 28 Nov, FreedMan Chair

 I was so surprised by how comfortable it was

I’ll be honest, I was dubious. It didn’t look comfortable. But I overheard some of the explanation as I was passing the stand and, since I am never really comfortable in an office chair, I thought I’d give it a go. I was so surprised by how comfortable it was that I went back for a second time to check I hadn’t imagined it. It was comfortable enough for me to make sure I got one the minute it launched.

– G

 I just had to have one

As a lawyer I led a fairly sedentary existence and, although I became more active after retirement, a couple of unpleasant falls left me not only with badly sprained ankles but also with increasing stiffness and loss of balance. My physiotherapist is working wonders but I find it difficult to get out of chairs, desperately seeking support – a hand, a chair arm or a table. Travelling on the Underground is particularly difficult. 

Michael, my husband, and I found the FreedMan Chair at the 100% Design exhibition in London. I sat on it for 10-15 minutes and thought how comfortable it was. Then I stood up from the chair without needing any support! It was marvellous. I think everyone within hearing distance and a bit beyond heard of my delight. I just had to have one. Michael also tried the chair and found it so comfortable that he has bought one too. Just as well or we would have fought over it.

– Olga

Any discomfort was forgotten

As a young man with ongoing lower back problems – whenever I’m sat in a traditional chair at a business meeting, a job interview, or even a date, about 10 -15% of my energy has always been focused on the dull discomfort / niggling pain in my lower back, to the point where I’d gotten used to and accepted it, like radio static. When Simon whipped out the rather odd looking Dalek-like FreedMan Chair – I was sceptical to say the least… However, as soon as I’d sat down it was like an epiphany – for the first time in a long time 100% of my energy and concentration was focused outwards on the person in front of me, and any discomfort in my back was forgotten.

– Rob H

  Allowed me to sit in a more natural way

It’s a really stylish design from the legs up and I’m pretty amazed at how compact and stable it was. Best thing for me was not that it changed my posture, but that it allowed me to sit in a more natural way. Excited about getting my hands on the final version to roll around my office.

– Andrew

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