Final production
The FreedMan Chair – Mark IV

Final production

2 years ago 1

Hey everyone

I’ve been busy getting sorted for our trip to China to oversee the final production of your chairs. The first batch of chairs arrive at the UK port on 16th of January (despite the ship crashing – seriously!), will be in customs for 5 days and then will be coming out to the first lucky people 2-4 days after that. So before the end of January.

The next batch should be ready for checking (by myself and Dean, our lead engineer) this Tuesday 13th Jan and hopefully ready for shipping Friday or Monday and will be at their destinations approximately 5 weeks after that. The final Kickstarter batch, as well as our first order for the US is scheduled to leave the factory on the 10th of February and again should be with everyone before the end of March. We’ll be in touch shortly to let each chair owner know when they should expect their chair.

We’ve put heart and soul into getting your chair to you and I am currently sitting with Dean at Terminal 3 in Heathrow. We decided that we should be out there at the factory to keep the pressure on and to make sure you all of your chairs are shipped before the Chinese New Year on the 15th Feb. After that China goes into a four week slow down. We’ve both left behind very sad wives but we are 100% committed to rolling our sleeves up and getting it done.

Making a brand new product as unique and precise as ours has been far from easy, but hopefully most of the hard stuff is behind us and we’re on the home straight.

I’ll do my best to keep you informed of what’s going on (China can be a bit ship to shore with international internet…).

Very best regards and many, many thanks for your continued support, Simon