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Here are some of the more common questions that we get asked, but if there is anything else you need to know, please get in get with us and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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I get the idea, it looks great, but is it really comfortable?

Yes, very. The chair is the most sophisticated in the world and was designed for both comfort and looks. We’re happy about the looks, but that was a secondary consideration after the primary function of the chair.

We’ve had numerous comments from a few people who’ve had a chance to sit in one, and some are written on this page.

I'm a generous size and I'm worried the chair looks like it won't support me. What weight does it support?

Yes, we know it looks uncomfortable and like it won’t take the strain, but looks can be deceptive. Here’s what Simon, the inventor and CEO of The FreedMan Chair has to say;

Firstly, size. I’ve been an Osteopath for 26 years and people ask what it’s like to treat a really large person and to be honest I say I’ve never really noticed. The thing is, I treat the frame and that varies by about a fifth across everyone, no matter what their weight. The FreedMan Chair supports your sitting bones (ishcial tuberosities) and these are 12.34cm apart on average. Allowing for a 12mm-half an inch variation on each seat pad is fairly straight forward, so unlike less anatomically thought-out chairs, The FreedMan Chair fits all. Not only that the bigger you get the more comfortable it does, as it enhances the bodies natural cushioning.

Strength. We’re talking high level engineering and materials here, our engineers also make fighter planes (one of the factories we use requires securiy clearance and doesn’t allow cameras!). The FreedMan Chair will happily hold 150kg/330lbs which is the same as the largest Aeron Chair. I want to go one better though. We’re talking to people about upping the grade of aluminium we use to rate the chair at 200kg whilst keeping it exactly the same structurally. We’ll let you know…

How much does it cost?

The FreedMan Chair retails at £799, and is available on our sales website.

How do I set it up?

It’s really very easy. In the box you’ll find simple pictorial instructions showing how to construct the chair and make it the correct height for you. It may take a day or so to know that it’s right for you, but after that, you won’t need to adjust it again.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping charges vary by Distributor, Country and shipping destination – please contact us for further details.

What colours does the FreedMan Chair come in?

Currently, the FreedMan Chair is available in Midnight Blue, Blue, Black and Red. More colours may be available in the future.

I'm a pretty tall person and my wife is the other end of the scale. What sizes will the chair fit?

Height. We love you all, the tall and the small! We had to give it a lower height range and at present that’s the standard for pretty much all office chairs at 4’10″147cms. We may be able to call that a bit lower but at present that is what it’s engineered to and we are making a tiny change in moving to industrial production that may influence this.

Hey tall people, 
there is no upper height limit! The FreedMan Chair is one of the rare ones that will make tall people happy. Here’s what Gleave, one of the FreedMan Chair community, has to say;

“For all tall prospects, I am 6’3″ and having used the chair I can confirm it fits very comfortably.” – Gleave.

Can the castors be used on all different surfaces (carpets as well as hard floors)?

The castors we use are dual purpose and good for both soft and hard floors.

Is the back rest adjustable?

Yes, the back rest has three different settings.

Is there a warranty cover and for how long?

There is a 12 year warranty for the chair (mechanical parts) and 5 year warranty for the silicone seat pads and back rest. Further warranty details are available on request.

What customers are saying

“I’ll be honest, I was dubious. It didn’t look comfortable. But I overheard some of the explanation as I was passing the stand and, since I am never really comfortable in an office chair, I thought I’d give it a go. I was so surprised by how comfortable it was that I went back for a second time to check I hadn’t imagined it. It was comfortable enough for me to make sure I got one the minute it launched.” – G

“As a young man with ongoing lower back problems – whenever I’m sat in a traditional chair at a business meeting, a job interview, or even a date, about 10 -15% of my energy has always been focused on the dull discomfort / niggling pain in my lower back, to the point where I’d gotten used to and accepted it, like radio static. When Simon whipped out the rather odd looking Dalek-like FreedMan Chair – I was sceptical to say the least… However, as soon as I’d sat down it was like an epiphany – for the first time in a long time 100% of my energy and concentration was focused outwards on the person in front of me, and any discomfort in my back was forgotten.” 
– Rob H

“As a lawyer I led a fairly sedentary existence and, although I became more active after retirement, a couple of unpleasant falls left me not only with badly sprained ankles but also with increasing stiffness and loss of balance. My physiotherapist is working wonders but I find it difficult to get out of chairs, desperately seeking support – a hand, a chair arm or a table. Travelling on the Underground is particularly difficult. 

Michael, my husband, and I found the FreedMan Chair at the 100% Design exhibition in London. I sat on it for 10-15 minutes and thought how comfortable it was. Then I stood up from the chair without needing any support! It was marvellous. I think everyone within hearing distance and a bit beyond heard of my delight. I just had to have one. Michael also tried the chair and found it so comfortable that he has bought one too. Just as well or we would have fought over it.” 

– Olga

“For all tall prospects I am 6.3 and having used the chair I can confirm it fits very comfortably.” – Gleave

“Great to meet you both yesterday and get to see your chair in the flesh. It’s a really stylish design from the legs up and I’m pretty amazed at how compact and stable it was. Best thing for me was not that it changed my posture, but that it allowed me to sit in a more natural way. Excited about getting my hands on the final version to roll around my office.

Thanks for spending so long chatting to me. Maybe I will see you again if my wife decides she might need one too.” – Andrew