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Sitting evolution

It's well know that most conventional chairs force the sitter to slump forward. This is because their seat pan's limited forward slope is such that the sitter's thighs are in a position where the pelvis is rotated backwards and the lumbar lordosis is flattened.

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Standing position

When standing, the spine's natural curves support the body and maintain the upright position. There's no need for lumbar support and the spinal muscles act as stabilisers not as the primary support.

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Leg length

Less well known, until now, was that 90% of the population also have a leg length difference, which leads to a pelvic height difference which requires the spine to incorporate side-to-side curves (scoliosis). The combination of side-to-side, and forward-to-back curves are the inherent mechanism that supports our bodies.

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Collapsed curves

Conventional seat pans, being mostly horizontal actually work against our bodies inherent anatomical support structures and collapse our curves.

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Curve support

By maintaining the sitter's unique pelvic position The FreedMan Chair is the only chair in the world that works with our body to sustain our standing curves whilst we sit.

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Standing curves

And reproduces the natural standing curves, thus putting less stress on the spine when sedentary.

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The FreedMan Chair

We believe that the reason there are so many problems associated with sitting is that we are not meant to sit. Our solution was to make a chair that keeps your spine and pelvis in the same position they achieve when standing.