Almost there…
Product Innovation award

Almost there…

2 years ago 2

Hey everyone,

We’re getting closer… We should receive tomorrow what we hope will be five perfect, consumer-ready chairs. We resolved the pad over-molding issue, but out of the five samples we received two weeks ago two had minor defects that meant they were not as we wanted. Some of the tapped holes had swarf (small bits of aluminium flakes) left in them which made the chairs difficult to assemble and so we had to call in our quality control guy over there and upgrade the assembly and checking processes.

Everything is waiting on us giving the green light when we’ve checked these ones out. If we don’t have any further problems then we can proceed with the shipping container we have booked for the 2nd of December. This will take 3-4 weeks to get to the UK and a week in customs and then finally arrive in our warehouse in the UK in mid-January. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting a chair under your Christmas tree…

The good news is that the production chair that I am sitting on is pretty awesome and we really have to ensure that everything we produce is the same quality. It’s not at all easy but we are getting there.

In other good news we finally received our Product Innovation award from the US-published Buildings Magazine.

We’ve also been in the press quite a bit in the UK and I have a few interviews lined up. The guys running our fundraise had a great ad in the major Sunday papers promoting the support of start up businesses like ours.

Freedman chair ad

I’m sure you can believe that I have absolutely everything crossed for these chairs tomorrow. I’ll let you know how we get on and hopefully we’ll have a confirmed date to work to in the next few days.

Best regards and many thanks for your continued support,