120+ individual parts and 25 molds…

120+ individual parts and 25 molds…

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Hey everybody,

Just to let you know that our first production run is progressing really well and the quality of the chair is just getting better and better. I wanted to give you an insight of what’s going into this…

There are at least 60 people working on it at the moment. The quality control people walk around brandishing vernier callipers and the guys assembling the components wear white gloves!

We have cut 25 moulding tools from stainless steel and components can be cast, extruded, polished,heat treated, cut by computer control (CNC), anodised, silicon-molded, laser etched etc, etc. Many have several of these processes.

It’s like a swiss watch. We have long discussions over 0.2mm, and if a component is out by 0.1mm it’s NO GO. Absolutely nuts, but if you think about it how is it possible to make an office chair that passes international certifications but weighs less than 40% of most others and works a lot better… Imagine a car or plane that weighed 40% of most others but did a better job.

Dean, our engineer, has been working with everyone putting together assembly guidelines and quality checks and photo worksheets. It’s a very impressive operation.

There are over 120 individual pieces that make up the FreedMan Chair. I’ve put in some of the pictures above.

Should be coming together over the next few days and hopefully not too long until you get yours.

Best regards, Simon